Damien Warman (dmw) wrote in ozfencing,
Damien Warman

olympic updates

looks like Frank is out in the 64 :-(
but Seamus is through to the 32...

edit: I'm crazy; see comments.
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I'm confused, I thought Frank won't fence until tomorrow, and has a bye into the 32, where he'll face Wu Hanxiong. I'm getting this from here .

Likewise, Seamus appears to have a bye into the 32 (and then Kolobkov).

(hmmm, good thing I checked those links in preview, as they're no longer working ... If you go here , then down to the men's epee and click on one of the "start list" links, it should take you to a page showing the DE tableau)
I think you are right, and I was confused by the abc layout...

Certainly on current FIE results I would expect them to both have byes.